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Hatzolah Coordinates Community Wide Search for Missing 6 Year Old.

Hatzolah received a call at approx. 7PM regarding a missing child. Units were immediately dispatched to the home to gather information and put together a timeline. After identifying the dire situation of a missing child, a citywide member search was initiated and within minutes, there were dozens of Hatzolah EMT's radioing in to show them en route to search the streets. Unfortunately, the child was not located within the hour and Hatzolah Incident Command coordinated to request community members assist the search. At the push of a button (or a few, actually), hundreds of community members were lining up ready to be assigned their grid. Responders & Community Members were covering the entire Hancock Park zone.

After several hours of searching, alongside LAPD units, k-9's, and air support, the child was located safely without incident. We appreciate all who dedicated their time to search for the child, almost all of whom had no prior association with the family!

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